'Freaky Fast' Delivery Guys Drive at Dangerous Speeds, Make Illegal Turns to Drop Off Food on Time

An INSIDE EDITION investigation finds some deliverymen from Jimmy John's driving erratically.

Jimmy John’s is a hugely successful sandwich delivery chain with thousands of stores around the country. It prides itself on speedy service -- and even has touted it's "Freaky Fast' delivery in ads. But are those freaky fast deliveries sometimes dangerous?

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INSIDE EDITION’s I-Squad spotted delivery cars coming and going almost non-stop at many Jimmy John’s restaurants during lunchtime. We decided to follow some of the drivers in 4 states, to see that “Freaky Fast Delivery” for ourselves.

Our cameras caught Jimmy John’s drivers rolling through stop signs, turning at red lights without stopping and many drivers who never used their turn signals. Some drivers drove so fast we couldn't keep up with them.

And In every state we visited, we found Jimmy John’s drivers parking illegally, often in the handicapped parking spot. Maybe they think that blue handicapped sign really means reserved for Jimmy John’s drivers.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero confronted one driver and asked: “Do you follow traffic laws when you park?”

“I've never had a ticket. I've been here for 30 seconds,” he said.

“Sir, you're parked right in a handicapped zone,” Guerrero pointed out to the driver. “Is that legal?”

“I'll stop doing that,” he said.

The I-Squad followed another driver in Tampa, Florida for two days. He was caught on camera breaking a number of traffic laws and was even observed watching a video on his cell phone while driving.

Guerrero eventually confronted him wanting to know, “Is that safe?”

“No,” he replied.

One Jimmy John’s driver in a silver Volvo did something really dangerous.

He was in the middle lane of a five lane road with a red light when he made an illegal left turn, right in front of the I-Squad’s vehicle.

Guerrero spoke to the driver and said: “We saw you making an illegal left turn from the right hand side of the road. In fact you cut us off. That was very dangerous.”

“If I made a mistake I made a mistake. I wasn't aware of that,” he said.

But one driver was the absolute worst of all the Jimmy John’s cars we followed.

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He drove like he was on a racetrack. At one point the I-Squad lost sight of him and headed back to Jimmy John’s. Minutes later, the same driver went flying past them on the road going way over the speed limit.

Never once did we see him use his turn signal, except for the one time when he may have spotted a cop car driving right behind him.

Guerrero and the I-Squad finally caught up with him and asked him if it was worth breaking traffic laws to deliver a sandwich. He answered, “No.”

There's a lot about this company that is freaky fast. From the way they make a sandwich to the way they always seem to be on the move, but freaky fast is no way to drive.

In a statement Jimmy John's told us "Freaky fast sets us apart in how the company makes great sandwiches. Speed is what sets us apart in the store, not on the road."

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