America's Got Talent Announces Winner

The winner of America's Got Talent has been announced and some people are shocked at the results. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

America's Got Talent contestant Michael Grimm was awarded $1 million and his own headline show in Vegas.  
It was huge shock on the finale when the Blues singer won the big prize, snatching victory from 10-year-old Jackie Evancho.

But when INSIDE EDITION spoke with Jackie backstage she seemed fine with coming in second.

"I was not upset, I was very happy because Michael really did deserve it," she said.

But Jackie's classmates are in a state of shock and they actually booed the moment she lost!

Judge Piers Morgan says Jackie still has a bright future.

"I don't think Jackie's going to have to worry about where the next dollar comes from," he told INSIDE EDITION.

INSIDE EDITION has learned that, like a lot of American families these days, Jackie and her family could use the extra money.
The Evanchos live in a modest home in a Pittsburgh suburb and filed for bankruptcy in 2008.
Jackie's voice coach Sharon Pritchard says it's been a struggle for them to support their daughter's ambitions.

"Sometimes there were some financial difficulties that might [cause her to] take a little time off, but she continued to practice and study on her own," said Pritchard.

Among those stunned by the show's outcome was the winner himself, who asked if it was real.

The 30-year-old singer from Mississippi couldn't hold back his emotions when INSIDE EDITION caught up with him backstage.

"I'm so...happy? I mean I say it with a question mark because there's a bigger word for the way I feel than happy," said Michael Grimm.