Mom Suddenly Goes into Labor on Cruise Ship, Fights to Keep 1-Pound Son Alive

A seven-day cruise turned into a birthing nightmare for a mom who suddenly went into labor.

A seven-day cruise turned into a baby drama on the high seas when a woman gave birth four months early.

Mom Emily Morgan told INSIDE EDITION: "[It was] definitely not a relaxing vacation, like we thought."

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Emily and her husband Chase, with their three-year-old daughter Chloe, embarked on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Sea for a week-long cruise.

Emily, who was 23 weeks pregnant, got permission from her doctor to go on the trip. But two days in, she unexpectedly went into labor. She was four months early.

She told INSIDE EDITION: "The doctor says, ‘We're not equipped on this ship to deliver a baby. Don’t push. We have 14 hours before we get into port.’ I knew that these labor pains were real contractions, and that I was going to have this baby very quickly."

Baby Haiden, a boy, was born in the ship's infirmary. He weighed a mere pound-and-a-half. It was frightening; there was no incubator on board.

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They had to find a way to keep the baby warm, so they swathed him in towels. The captain ordered the ship to speed to the next port of call: Puerto Rico.

The little stowaway was airlifted to Miami's Nicklaus Children's Hospital, where he continues to be treated in the neonatal ICU.

Mom and dad are now picking out baby clothes, getting ready for the day when their little miracle at sea comes home.

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