Police: Woman Called 911 to Complain About A Drug Deal Gone Wrong

A woman was arrested after she called 911 to complain that her pot dealer took her money.

A Florida woman who was unhappy with a marijuana dealer she says ripped her off and called 911 to complain, police said.

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Erin Klich, 35, allegedly tried to buy $75 worth of pot but claimed the dealer failed to give it to her, according to a police report.

Police arrived at a home in Fort Myers in response to Klich's 911 call and found her sitting in a car while still on the line with a dispatcher, according to the police report. The officer "had to give Klich several commands to hang up before Klich finally disconnected," the report says.

She reportedly told the cops that a person inside the home had taken her money but "that she never received the marijuana from the subjects."

While in the presence of police officers, Klich then dialed 911 again and refused to put the phone down, according to the police report.

Cops arrested her for misuse of a 911 call and she was put into a patrol car. Police say they later found a bag of marijuana wedged in the seat, which later added to her charges.

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She was jailed with two misdemeanors – misuse of a 911 call and possession of marijuana. She was released from the Lee County Jail on $3,000 bond on Saturday, jail records show. 

She is scheduled to appear in court on October 13. Records do not list an attorney.

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