Yankees Fan Who Dropped 3 Foul Balls Says He'd Been Drinking, Insists He Can Catch

Will Smith, a life-long Yankees fan, was left red-faced after he repeatedly dropped catches.

The man who dropped three foul balls during a Yankees game this week says he had been drinking – and insists he can usually catch.

Will Smith, a life-long Yankees fan and designer at a New York City architecture firm, was left red-faced after he was filmed repeatedly missing catches as his team played the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night.

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Speaking to the CBS-N, he said he drank nearly half a dozen beers before the game – so wasn’t his most coordinated.

“The first one was in the first inning, the bottom of the first inning, it came down fast and hit my thumb,” he recounted. “I said wow, that really hurt.”

He continued: “The second one was a chopper down the line - probably a 94 mile-an-hour fast ball that got hit to me.”

Out of pity, a player threw him the ball for the third time – but he missed that too.

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“I didn't get a good throw from the third base coach,” he said, but added: “I should have had that one… I was definitely getting it from everyone around me.”

Despite his poor performance at the game, he revealed that he actually grew up playing baseball

“I played little league in New York and played some in High school,” he said. “I can catch.”

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