From Cradle to the Grave, Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Show Their Devotion

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at how the football fans celebrate their team.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are almost religious in their devotion to the team - and it's a relationship that starts from day one.

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Before the Steelers battle the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night, INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian visited a nursery at Magee Women's Hospital where newborns were wrapped in “Terrible Towels." Steelers fans have been waving the towels at games since the 70s.

Fabian spoke to fan Adam Brickner who was holding his newborn baby girl and asked him: “Does she really have a choice about being a Steelers fan?”

“No, not really,” he said.

The newborn certainly won't be the only girl in the neighborhood who's a fan. Susan McGalla, an executive with the team, said: "Pittsburgh is not a town where the guys go and watch the game and the women go somewhere else... The women here get it. They are knowledgeable about the game."

The Steelers even hold a mini training camp for female fans. It's no gimmick as hundreds of women from all over the country show up to go through drills with former Steeler players.

There is even a Steeler-themed nail salon in town. Linda Shook runs the salon that doubles as a Steelers clubhouse. You can get your nails done in Steelers black and gold.

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Linda said: “We bleed Steelers colors.”

And for some Steelers fans it's a love affair that never ends. Some folks even have headstones with the Steelers logo.

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