Mom Calls Ex-Boyfriend 'The Love of My Life' Days After Killing Her Husband

Julie Harper, on trial for murdering her husband, says she acted in self-defense.

mom on trial for murdering her husband revealed only days after she shot him that she was in love with another man.

In court testimony, Julie Harper read from a postcard that she wrote to an old boyfriend, calling him "The love of my life."

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Does the postcard mean she was in love with another man when she shot her math teacher husband Jason?

She claims she was acting in self-defense after years of abuse, which she recorded on her cellphone.

Harper said she also documented everything in her red diary, including every time she had sex with her husband.

In most cases, she said she used the code word "sex" for “rape.”

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“I had my own code and I knew what things meant,” she said.

The prosecution grilled her about why she didn't explicitly write in her diary that she was repeatedly raped.

“I wasn't generally writing down when it was regular sex,” she said.

She also compared herself to the wife of NFL player Ray Rice, who was assaulted  in an elevator in 2014.

“The poor wife of Ray Rice last year, she was only fortunate because there was elevator video of her,” she said. 

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