'The Walk' Makes Moviegoers Vomit With Its Dizzying Scenes

The movie tells the true story of a daredevil's tightrope walk between the Twin Towers in 1974.

The new movie, The Walk is so realistic, it's making people sick.

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The film is the true story of a daredevil's high-wire walk between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers back in 1974. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Philip Petit --the man who made the death-defying walk.

The story also featured in the 2009 Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire.

Renowned director Robert Zemeckis has recreated The Walk using stunning special effects that put the audience right on the wire and 1,362 feet in the air, which for some, has been stomach churning.

One movie critic wrote: “I wanted to puke. So many times!"

And another tweeted: "Reports of guys vomiting: true. Witnessed it/came close."

Turns out the movie triggers a very real phenomenon called "cyber sickness".

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Dr. Andrea Bubka is an expert on motion sickness and told INSIDE EDITION: "What happens is there's a conflict between what you see and what you feel. You have the visual sensation that indicates movement but you are not moving - and that produces sickness. You may feel dizziness, nausea and you may even vomit."

Dr. Bubka uses a device called an "optokinetic drum" to simulate "cyber sickness." Its nickname is “The vominator.”

IE's Steven Fabian climbed into the contraption before it began spinning. It was so bad that he was handed an air sickness bag.

Dr. Bubka said: “It creates a sensory conflict. We're gonna spin it around. You'll feel like you're spinning and the drum is still.”

Fabian said while inside the device: “I feel like I’m moving and my head is moving.”

It's the sensation the director actually wants you to feel when you're watching The Walk.

Zemeckis actually said: "We worked really hard to put those audiences up on those Towers and on that wire."

The film is being described as homage to the World Trade Center. It's a unique movie-going experience, even if it may leave you a little queasy.

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