Pastor Whose Daughter Survived Oregon Shooting: 'We Will Not Allow Violence to Define Us'

A pastor whose daughter survived the Oregon shooting opens up to INSIDE EDITION about the horrific event.

The father of an 18-year-old girl who survived the Oregon shootings last week told INSIDE EDITION: “We will not allow violence to define us.” 

Lacy Scroggins is alive today because a classmate who had been shot fell on top of her. Her father, Pastor Randy Scroggins, shared the terrifying scenes she had witnessed.

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“She remembered the shooter saying to the young man, ‘What religion are you, and are you a Christian?’” he said.

He spoke to IE after Dr. Ben Carson sparked a social media phenomenon by holding up a sign reading: "I Am A Christian." 

The Republican presidential candidate was reacting to the horrific community college massacre following the reports that the gunman had asked victims for their religions.

The photo of Dr. Carson with the sign has received more than 1.1 million likes since it was posted on Facebook, and other Americans are posting photos of their own under the hashtag #IAmAChristian.

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Of the photos, Pastor Scroggins said: “Make sure if you’re going to hold the sign up, please make sure you act appropriately like a Christian."

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