Mom Confronts Man Who Killed Daughter With Firework: 'I Carry This Pain Every Day'

Eric Morelli was sentenced to seven years in prison for the death of Kristen Milano.

A devastated mother came face-to-face in court with the man who killed her 19-year-old daughter when he threw a firework into their home.

In June 2014, Kristen Milano died in a fire at her Connecticut home, where she had been asleep. Neighbors called 911 - but it was too late to save her.

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The fire started when 19-year-old Eric Morelli, a friend of Kristen's brother, threw a firecracker through a window as a prank - but it went horribly wrong. Authorities say Morelli ran away when he realized he had started a fire.

“He saw what happened and took off,” said John Malone, the prosecutor in the case.

In court, Milano's tearful mom said she's tormented by nightmares about her daughter's final moments trying to escape from the fire. 

“I carry this pain every day all day, and it's a pain nobody should have to feel. Nobody,” she said.

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Milano's family went to court to ask the judge for justice. Morelli tearfully begged for forgiveness but the judge sentenced him to seven years in prison. He is expected to be released in five.

The victim's family started a foundation, called "Kristen's Kause," which warns people about the dangers of fireworks.

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