Cheetah Cub and Puppy Become Best Friends at Virginia Zoo

A baby cheetah has made an unlikely best friend: Kago the yellow Labrador mix.

A cheetah cub has made an unlikely best friend: Kago the yellow Labrador mix.

Kumbali the cheetah struggled to gain weight when he born at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia in May because his mother wasn’t producing enough milk for him and his two siblings. To ensure his survival, the zoo decided to hand-feed him from a bottle every few hours.

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“We instantly fell in love with him, but Kumbali was in need of a companion," zoo staff said in a vido.

So they adopted Kago, a 10-week-old rescue puppy.

“After a thorough inspection and some uncertainty, the two quickly became pals," the zoo said.

At first the duo lived together in a zookeeper’s home so they could be closely monitored, but they have since moved to an outdoor enclosure.

The zoo says that dogs have been used as companion animals to cheetahs for more than 30 years because dogs provide a calming presence for the cheetahs.

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“Their bond has become brother like and the two are inseparable,” staff added.

You can find out more information about the best friends on the zoo's website.

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