Watch This Adorable 3-Year-Old DJ Bring the Noise During TV Audition

A 3-year-old boy wowed the judges on 'South Africa's Got Talent' and has become a viral sensation.

Meet "the World's Youngest DJ" - three-year-old DJ Arch Jnr.

The child wowed the crowd during his audition for South Africa’s Got Talent.

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He showed off his spinning skills behind the decks and made it to the semi-finals of his country’s edition of the popular talent show.

On the show, his dad explained his son’s love of electronic music and how he was first introduced to the genre.

"I downloaded this DJing software for my own personal use. [Arch Jr] enjoyed messing around on that app and just had this love for music. Instead of me having to DJ at home alone, now I have a partner to do things with,” he said.

Videos of DJ Arch Jnr were posted online earlier this year and the boy became a viral sensation. He has more than 58,000 fans on his Facebook page.

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The young DJ has made the rounds spinning his sounds across Africa. Earlier this month he travelled to Namibia and brought his talents to an outdoor performance.

While DJ Arch Jnr won’t know if he wins South Africa’s Got Talent until later this month, the toddler is already on a path to stardom.

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