This Little Piggy Avoids the Market, Poses in a Wool Sweater at His New Home

One little pig is lucky to be alive after it was saved from slaughter and now lives in a sanctuary.

A little pig managed to escape the butcher's block after a kindhearted woman convinced his owners to take him to an animal sanctuary instead.

The pig, who was named Carrot, was the runt of the litter when he was born in August. He had trouble walking and his mother had rejected him.

He was being cared for at an "intentional community," where members had plans to slaughter him when he was six months old.

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But last month a woman visiting the community contacted the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary and staff agreed to take him in. Since moving to his new home three months ago, Carrot has been renamed "Irwin" and has doubled in size.

Terry Cummings, a co-founder of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, told INSIDE EDITION he was the first animal they had ever taken from the community.

She said: "It is ironic that the only survivor in the family would be the one that was born the sickest and weakest, as all of Irwin's siblings will soon be made into bacon. He is a very lucky little pig!"

This pig will be able to live at the sanctuary for the rest of his life. 

Cummings added: "I was happy and relieved when they said he could come here."

Irwin even wears a fashionable purple sweater to show off his special style.

Cummings told INSIDE EDITION: "He only wears a sweater on the coldest days. We have many dog sweaters of different sizes, and since he is growing so fast, he has several new larger sweaters that he can wear when it's cold now."

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The sanctuary has more than 200 rescue animals.

Cummings explained: "Many of our animals were separated from their families because they were too sick to stay with the group, and had to be hand reared...

"We usually rescue several dozen new animals each year. We take in horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens and turkeys, most of them rescued from cruelty cases or abandonment."

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