Guy Takes His Relationship to the Next Level By Proposing With Homemade Video Game

One guy found a clever way to take his love of video games and his love for his girlfriend and combined it for a unique proposal.

Austin Piechs and Lauren Woodrick love to play video games together.

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But when the couple put on a game in May, it turned out to be more than just a source of entertainment. Austin spent 100 hours making a Super Mario Brothers-style game to propose to his love.

Each level was loosely based on memorable moments in their relationship - from a beer festival to their first date to a road trip, and many more.

Austin says that it took Lauren 25 minutes to get through the game. At the final level she was greeted with a special song that his grandfather proposed to his grandmother.

The character in the game, which was based on Lauren, then walked off screen and a message read: “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This!”

Then Austin got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, which was hidden behind the laptop she was playing the game on.

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Lauren became emotional as he asked for her hand in marriage - and she said yes, ultimately taking their relationship to the next level.

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