800-Pound Man is Kicked Out of Hospital For Ordering Pizza, Asks For Second Chance

An 800-pound Rhode Island man was kicked out of a hospital for ordering a pizza and now wants a second chance.

Steven Assanti, who tips the scales at 800 pounds, was reoportedly asked to leave a special weight-loss treatment program at a Rhode Island hospital after he ordered a pizza.

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The 33-year-old told ABC6.com that he has long been addicted to food.

"I just love to eat," he said. "I realize it is an addiction and a disease.".

For 80 days, he was enrolled in the hospital’s weight-loss program and managed to lose 20 pounds.

He felt he deserved a reward for his hard work and ordered a pizza, he explained. But it was a violation of the hospital’s care plan and Assanti was asked to leave.

He told CNN: "I was supposed to stay and lose all my weight, and get down to 550, to get the gastric bypass. That was their plan."


A Rhode Island Hospital spokeswoman confirmed Assanti was discharged, but would not comment further, citing confidentiality laws.

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Assanti is now in Kent County Hospital for a short term stay. In order to get around he is lifted into his father’s SUV and says in the back of the vehicle.

He has taken to Facebook to thank his supporters and even those who did not have kind words about him, saying they have given him “thicker skin.”

While he is looking for redemption, Assanti told ABC6.com: “I do want to lose weight, and it's a wake-up call now and I just need some help.”

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