Grizzlies Player Matt Barnes Reportedly Angry Knicks Coach Derek Fisher Was With His Ex

The men reportedly got into a physical altercation at reality star Gloria Govan's Los Angeles home.

Gloria Govan is one of the stars of VH1 reality show Basketball Wives LA and is now involved in a love triangle that even her producers couldn’t script.

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Her estranged husband basketball player Matt Barnes of the Memphis Grizzlies reportedly went ballistic when he found out that New York Knicks head coach and Barnes' former LA Lakers teammate, Derek Fisher was with his ex at the California home Barnes use to share with his sexy wife.

And how did Barnes find out another man was at his ex's house? It was the topic on sports radio.

Craig Carton said on Thursday morning's edition of Boomer and Carton: "Barnes’ kids apparently called daddy up and said Derek Fisher is here. There are about 10 people at the house at a bonfire. Nothing was going on."

When Barnes got word that his estranged wife was seeing the Knicks coach, he jumped behind the wheel and drove 95 miles. What followed was a violent confrontation

"Barnes did text a buddy and said: ‘I beat his a** from the backyard to the front yard,” Carton said on WFAN radio.

At Knicks practice on Thursday Fisher was besieged by questions.

He told reporters: “I am basically not going to comment about this situation directly." 

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Barnes has a reputation as a hot head getting into confrontations on the court. Last year he sat down with INSIDE EDITION after his aunt was brutally murdered.

The ups and downs of his marriage have played out on Basketball Wives.

The couple has posed for sexy photo shoots and have even done a cooking show and our cameras have spotted them on the red carpet.

But lately they've been apart and the idea that Gloria Govan is dating one of Barnes' former teammates appears to much to handle.

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