Selena Gomez Reveals: I Underwent Chemotherapy to Battle Lupus

The singer reveals her break last year was to battle the painful disease.

Selena Gomez has revealed she has lupus and has undergone chemotherapy to fight the painful disease.

When the “Good For You” singer took a break from touring between late 2013 and early 2014, it fueled rumors that she was battling addiction.

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“I was diagnosed with lupus, and I've been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about. I could've had a stroke," she told Billboard magazine in its new cover story.

“I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m in chemotherapy. You’re a******.’ I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again.”

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The 23-year-old credits her friend, Taylor Swift with helping her during her recovery.

“Taylor makes me feel empowered, like I can trust new people. The way she cares about women is so adamant. It’s pulling me out of my shell,” she said.

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