Oprah and Jay Leno Talk Tonight Show Debacle

Comedian Jay Leno talks to Oprah about the low blows he traded with rival David Letterman during the battle of the late night hosts. INSIDE EDITION has the latest. 

Jay Leno spoke to Oprah about the insults he traded with David Letterman.

"I had a cheap shot thrown at me...I threw one cheap shot back, then I moved on," said Leno, speaking of Letterman's "Jay 'Big Jaw' Leno" comment.

"Letterman's been hammering me every night, going after me. You know the best way to get Letterman to ignore you? Marry him!" guffawed Leno in response.

"Did you laugh when you heard it?" he asked Oprah.

"No, I did not [...] You know what, I thought that was beneath you actually," she told him.

In his sit-down with Oprah, held in his studio but without an audience, Leno calls NBC's handling of the Tonight Show debacle "hugely embarrassing."

Oprah asked him if he thought NBC could have done something differently that would have made everyone happy.

"Anything they did would have been better than this. Anything. Anything they did. If they had come in and shot everybody, it would have been, 'Oh the people were murdered,' but at least it would have been a two-day story," he joked.

Leno told Oprah he also felt "sucker-punched" when Jimmy Kimmel ridiculed him on his own show. "It's my show, I could have edited it, but I said, 'No, no, put it out there, I walked into it,' " he said.

And he thinks Conan O'Brien will be just fine wherever he ends up. "I think he will have a successful show on Fox or somewhere else, and then we'll all compete again, and may the best man win."