Abandoned 4-Month-Old Possum Clings to Toy Kangaroo For Comfort

Bettina the brushtail possum is getting stronger thanks to some loving care at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Australia.

This abandoned four-month-old possum is getting all the love she needs thanks to a doting vet nurse - and a fluffy toy kangaroo.

Bettina the Brushtail Possum was taken to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Australia in September after she was found alone and suffering from dehydration in a suburban neighborhood.

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She is now receiving around-the-clock care from vet nurse Felicity Evans, who feeds her with a bottle as the joey sits in a makeshift pouch. Since arriving at the center, Bettina has doubled in size.

“She’s feeding really well and is quite a vocal little thing," Felicity said, according to the hospital. "She’ll sit in the spare room next to me and call out when she’s ready to feed."

She added that Bettina clings to her toy kangaroo during feedings and while sleeping.

“At this age she would naturally still be with her mother, so the soft toy gives her something to snuggle for comfort," she said. "It’s not as fluffy and woolly as an adult Brushtail Possum, but she clings to it using her claws and teeth as she would do with mum in the wild."

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The Taronga Wildlife Hospital cares and treats more than 1,000 injured and orphaned animals every year.

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