Mom Fatally Hits Her Husband With Her Car While Their Children Sit Inside, Cops Say

Angela Luke, a second-grade teacher, plowed down 42-year-old Daniel Luke during a dispute at their Ohio home but charges against her have been dropped.

A mother fatally struck her husband with her car as their two terrified children sat inside the vehicle, authorities said.

A car driven by Angela Luke, a second-grade teacher, hit 42-year-old Daniel Luke during a domestic dispute at their home in Bloom Township, Ohio on Sunday night. Luke, her husband of 18 years, passed away the next day.

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Angela Luke, 40, was initially charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and reckless homicide, and lost her job, The Associated Press reported. But after a harrowing 911 call made by the couple's daughter emerged, the charges against her were dropped and the school superintendent gave her back her job.

In the call, the 12-year-old girl described their attempts to get away from her violent dad, who she said had been drinking.

"They’ve been fighting for a long time, but he’s never took it this far," the girl told the dispatcher, WBNS reported. "My dad hit my mom and he pushed her into a flower pot."

Later in the call, she can be heard screaming: "Get off my mother! He's choking my mom! Get off!"

She got in the car with her nine-year-old sister and their mother and tried to leave, according to reports.

"Go fast, Mommy, go fast," she is heard saying, according to The Associated Press. But she then says: "Oh, my God, he's dead. He was hanging onto the car, and he fell off. My father's dead! He was holding onto the window and he fell right off. He's bleeding really bad."

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After listening to the call, the superintendent of the Pickerington Local School District gave Luke her job back.

"It's compelling enough that it allowed the superintendent to make a decision that she thought was the right decision for Mrs. Luke and the district,"  district spokesman David Ball said.

The charges could still go before a grand jury or get refiled, the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette reported. Calls to the prosecutor's office on Thursday afternoon were not returned. Before the charges were dropped, Angela Luke pleaded not guilty on Monday afternoon and was released on bond.

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