King Cobra Snake Missing For a Month is Found in Woman's Dryer

When one woman heard a hissing sound from her dryer, the last thing she probably expected was to find a King Cobra.

Elvis lives-s-s-s!

A missing King Cobra snake who shares the same name as the King of Rock and Roll was found in a homeowner’s dryer after being on the loose for more than a month.

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A Florida woman who lives about a half a mile from where the snake resided with its owner, Mike Kennedy, reportedly heard a hissing sound coming from under her clothes dryer in the garage.

She called Orange County’s animal services to help get the slithering snake out of the system.

Three animal service officers arrived and captured the 10-foot King Cobra and had to use special instruments and a cat size crate to place it in due to its massive size.

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Mike Kennedy’s wife, Valerie, was notified about the find and identified the pet snake. State wildlife officials scanned Elvis for microchip-identification before he was returned to Kennedy.

Missing #cobra was caught just over 1,500 feet from where it had escaped. Story:

— MyFWC (@MyFWC) October 8, 2015

While the search was on for Elvis, a parody Twitter account was developed to mock where the snake could be:

I may have been found just a few 100 feet from my owner's garage, but I did travel a bit during the last 37 days.

— Orlando King Cobra (@KingCobraORL) October 8, 2015

Smuggled my phone into the cage. I'll be able to share some vacation photos with y'all soon. I wasn't hiding under a dryer all this time!

— Orlando King Cobra (@KingCobraORL) October 8, 2015

Singing the Folsom Prison Blues tonight. Oh well at least I get three squares a day now. I was enjoying live food though.

— Orlando King Cobra (@KingCobraORL) October 8, 2015

Naturally, the rest of Twitter loved the incident:

Do you think the snake's name is Elvis because he's a KING Cobra? Like, Elvis the King... #WFTV

— Janai Norman (@JNormanWFTV) October 8, 2015

ELVIS FOUND ALIVE & hissing. Missing king cobra found in Orlando: Awesome pic from @FreakyFL

— ABC Action News (@abcactionnews) October 8, 2015

I certainly hope Elvis the King Cobra keeps up with his Twitter & Instagram accounts. He'll have more time now that he is locked up

— Martha Sugalski (@MarthaSugalski) October 9, 2015


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