Military Dad Surprises His 4 Kids at Florida Football Game in Front of 90,000 Cheering Fans

Kristian Denkins' wife, son and three daughters were at "The Swamp" to cheer on their beloved team when they got a very special message from their dad.

A military dad serving in Afghanistan came home early to surprise his children in front of nearly 90,000 fans at a Florida Gators game.

Kristian Denkins’ wife, son and three daughters were at "The Swamp” to cheer on their beloved team when they were invited onto the field for a special message. 

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Chief Warrant Officer Denkins appeared on a screen and told the crowds: "Gator nation, the best fans in the country, I wish I could be there to cheer on Florida for a Gator victory. To join arm in arm, to sway side to side, and to sing ‘We are the Boys From Old Florida’."

He continued: "To my wife, my children, my mother and father - I miss you. I love you. I’ll be home soon. I promise. Go Gators!"

The announcer then said: "And now, help us welcome home the Gator, the son, the father the husband - who has just completed his fifth tour in Afghanistan - Officer Kristian Denkins!"

Kristian appeared on the field and his shocked children ran into his arms as the thousands of fans cheered. A video shared by the Florida Gators captured the emotional reunion.

Denkins, who was expected to be overseas for several more months, revealed he had plotted with his wife and Florida head coach Jim McElwain to surprise the youngsters.

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"I couldn't believe what happened," one of his daughters said. "I just broke down in tears."

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