Watch This 2-Year-Old Perform Incredible Cheerleading Stunts

This two-year-old girl from the Phillippines has some serious cheerleading skills.

This two-year-old girl has some serious cheerleading skills.

Zianne Angierein Garcia, who is also known as Zeexhie, has become a local celebrity in the Philippines thanks to her incredible acrobatics.

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Her parents, Renier Garcia and Angel Guerrero, were both cheerleaders throughout high school and college, and they began teaching her some signature cheers before she even turned one.

"What was really astonishing is that she first demonstrated such skill before she was able to walk effectively," her dad told INSIDE EDITION.

She can now balance on her father's hands, lift her legs in the air and can even do a "Superman" pose with both of her arms stretched out. Her dad said she's achieved the moves after some lots of practice - although he calls it "play."

"When we are playing, Zeexhie always asks me to lift her," he said. "She constantly requests me to lift her from the ground - not the typical lift but rather cheer stunts. She was truly blissful doing it."

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He said that his daughter has achieved the moves through plenty of "play" but also some natural talent.

"There is no such thing as quick in cheerleading. Everything is learned step by step," he said. "It’s a process that cannot be rushed although Baby Zeexhie, in her early age, showcased superb cheer stunts. Maybe we can say she was really gifted!"

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