Woman Arrested After Live-Streaming Herself Drunk Driving, Cops Say

A Florida woman is arrested on drunken driving charges after streaming video of herself behind the wheel.

A 23-year-old Florida woman was arrested after spending nearly an hour streaming live video of herself driving in circles and shouting: "I'm f****** drunk and this is horrible!" 

Lakeland Police officers said they received numerous 911 calls about a young woman sharing video on the Periscope live-streaming app of herself behind the wheel. An officer used his personal Periscope account to view the images, and was able to determine the woman's location by recognizing landmarks in the city's northern neighborhoods.

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Whitney Marie Beall, 23, was pulled over and arrested on Saturday on a drunken driving charge after she failed a field sobriety test, according to statement from the Lakeland Police Department. 

The video apparently shows her driving aimlessly and shouting: "I have no f****** idea where I should be." At one point she says she has a flat tire. At another moment she says: "I'm going right and I want to go left."

Officers said Beall smelled of alcohol, appeared discombobulated and had glassy eyes, according to the department's statement. She has been released on bail.

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As she was pulled over, Beall ran over a curb, without braking, resulting in a second flat tire.

"Driving drunk is not cool," she slurred on the video.

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