Amy Poehler Wows the Crowd As She Sings 'The Rose' with Jack Black

Comedian Amy Poehler surprised fans as she sang 'The Rose' with Jack Black at a music festival.

Jack Black’s band Tenacious D held their annual Festival Supreme in Los Angeles over the weekend and as the band headlined on Saturday night, they brought out a special guest that wowed the crowd.

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Comedian Amy Poehler came out and looked like a rock star from the 60s as she belted out a cover of Bette Midler’s classic “The Rose.”

The audience couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

While Poehler had announced that she would make an appearance at the one-day festival inside the Shrine Expo Hall, it was unknown what she would do.

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The music and comedy festival also featured Henry Rollins, The Darkness, Andrew W.K, and the original casts of Kids in the Hall and Mystery Science Theater 3000, plus many others.

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