Girl Wakes Up From Wisdom Teeth Surgery, Gets Upset She Doesn't Have Bigger Breasts

While Shelby was still under anesthesia following dental surgery, she believed she was getting bigger breasts.

Following wisdom tooth surgery, this woman was distraught to discover she had not been given larger breasts.

Shelby, who was still feeling the effects of anesthesia, went through a series of emotions as she shared her disappointment with her mom on the car ride home. 

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In a video by Viral Hog, her mother asked: “Why would you wake up with bigger boobs?”

An emotional Shelby says: “I don’t know, but I did.”

Her mother tries to make her confused and delirious daughter realize what was happening. 

She says: “You weren’t getting boob surgery; you were getting your teeth out.”

While Shelby insists she wants bigger breasts, she also tells her mom: “I think I died.”

Her mother promises Shelby that she didn’t die and it was all for a dental operation.

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For Shelby’s mother it will be a trip home she will never forget. Whether Shelby remembers is a different story.

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