Steve Jobs Caught in E-Mail War with College Coed

INSIDE EDITION talks to the journalism student who got some unfriendly e-mails from Apple CEO Steve Jobs when she tried to write an article on the iPad.

A coed is speaking out about her feisty face-off with one of the world's most powerful businessmen, Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Chelsea Issacs, a journalism student at Long Island University was assigned to write an article about the Apple iPad and e-mailed some questions to the company's public relations department.

When she didn't get a response, she e-mailed Jobs himself.

"You had absolutely no reservations about e-mailing Steve Jobs himself?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked her.

"No absolutely not, I needed a quote so I was ready to do it," Issacs said.

Issacs never expected to get this curt reply: "Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry."
Not deterred, Issacs fired off another e-mail reading, "If you get a message from a client or customer, as an employee isn't it your job to return the call?"

Jobs's blunt response: "Nope. We have over 300 million users and we can't respond to their requests unless they involve a problem of some kind. Sorry."

Desperate, Issacs tried one more time, writing, "Please, I am on deadline."

A fed-up Jobs had this sort of rude response: "Please leave us alone."

Issacs never got her answers, but those bickering e-mails make for one heck of a story!