See Passengers Revolt After Flight Attendant Boots Woman Off Plane: 'Screw This Airline!'

Passengers were shocked when a woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight in tears.

Outraged passengers booed flight attendants for booting a woman off a plane.

Their revolt unfolded just before takeoff on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon, after a flight attendant asked a female passenger to find her seat.

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She claims she didn't hear him - and the attendant ordered her out of the plane.

He told her: “I need to have you come off the aircraft.”

The passenger replied: “No, why are you guys, you're so mean to me. I didn't do anything.”

The passenger claimed that the she didn't even know that the attendant was talking to her.

The attendant told her: “If you don't come off, I’m going to have to call the officers.”

The other passengers expressed utter disbelief.

One passenger said: "Screw this airline!" 

Another added: "Shame on American!" 

Passenger Bill Byrne, who filmed the incident, told INSIDE EDITION: “There was almost a mutiny going on there.”

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“Based on what I saw I do not think she should have been removed from the plane. She was very polite up until the point where she got very emotional once they were for sure kicking her off the plane. I didn't see anything in the way she acted where I would have seen she would say something offensive,” he said.

The passenger ended up leaving the aircraft in tears.

American Airlines said it is looking into the incident. It said that the woman was placed on the next flight.

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