Eat This 30-Pound Burrito And You Could Own Part of a NYC Restaurant

A restaurant is offering a challenge unlike any other -- eat a 30 pound burrito and drink a spicy margarita an become 10% owner of the place.

Attention foodies – a New York City taqueria is issuing a challenge to top all challenges.

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Brooklyn Mexican restaurant Don Chingon is offering a 10 percent stake of the place to anyone who can consume their 30-pound burrito and drink a margarita in under an hour or less.

The burrito is stuffed with steak, chicken, pork, rice, cheese, beans and salsa. The margarita is made with a very spicy ghost pepper.

But there is a catch: Customers have to pay $150 to participate and once they start, no bathroom breaks are allowed. Anyone who vomits will be immediately disqualified.

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The restaurant also says they are not responsible for “death or illness” caused by the meal.

Don Chingon has a four-star rating on Yelp and this man vs. food challenge so far has produced no winners.

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