Alleged Former Mistress of Stephanie Seymour's Husband Reveals Secrets About the Couple's Marriage

The woman who says she was the mistress of Peter Brant, the billionaire husband of model Stephanie Seymour, reveals secrets about the famous couple's marriage. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Alyssa Pallett is the woman at the center of the Stephanie Seymour divorce drama. The 24-year-old former claims she had an affair with Seymour's billionaire husband Peter Brant which lasted almost two years, and she says during that time he confided his darkest secrets in her.

"What did he tell you about Stephanie?" asks INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.
Pallett says, "He said that she had an addiction to a lot of things."

Pallet says Brant told her he hired to detective to follow Seymour and what he discovered was devastating.

"They found that she'd actually been sending, through her credit cards, over $100,000 to a guy in LA, and he just got more and more shocked because he thought he had a perfect marriage," Pallett says.

So how did Pallett meet Brant? She says he saw a picture of her on a modeling website and sent her an e-mail asking for a date.

"You're 24, he's 63...Can you explain the attraction?" asks Megan Alexander.

"He had a way of sort of very smoothly persuading me into things," Pallett explains.

Pallett says the billionaire set her up with an apartment and got her an administrative job at Interview magazine, which he owns.

"He said, 'I'll get you an apartment, I'll furnish it for you, I'll give you an allowance, I'll get you a job at Interview, you can choose whatever job you want in the magazine.' "

Alexander asks, "He took care of you pretty well financially?"

"Yeah, every time I saw him he would give me a good chunk of money," Pallett says.

But a year and half into the affair, Pallett says Brant became demanding and possessive and she ended it.

'He would call me crying, he would come to me and meet with me for dinner and just cry to me, he said he loved me," Pallett says.

But then on September 20th, as the divorce case between the high-profile couple was about to begin, they announced a reconciliation.

Seymour and Brant released a statement saying, "It is truly sad that this woman is seeking to promote herself in such a shameless manner. Her account is full of untruths and she is exaggerating any role she had in our lives. She is totally irrelevant to us and our family."

"I haven't lied about anything!" Pallett protests.