Oprah Reacts to Trump Telling Her He'd Win the Presidency in 1988: 'I Never Expected That'

The video shows Donald Trump speaking about running for president in 1988.

Oprah Winfrey is now speaking out about a long-lost video showing Donald Trump on her show in 1988.

Back then she asked him if he would ever run for president. 

Trump replied: “I would never want to rule it out totally. I just probably wouldn't do it, Oprah. But I do get tired of seeing what's happening with this country."

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The TV titan's best friend and CBS This Morning host Gayle King wanted to know what she thinks about the Trump interview now.

Oprah told Gayle: “When I asked that question I didn't expect that answer.”

Oprah isn't the only broadcast legend with Trump stories to tell.

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Tom Brokaw interviewed Trump on the Today show in 1980 when he told the NBC host that he had no interest in being a billionaire and wanted to just keep doing what he loved. 

On Wednesday, Brokaw was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk about the old interview.

"This country loves celebrity. They love the rich. He's both, celebrity and rich, and people want to be indentified with that," he said.

Watch Below: Donald Trump Tells Oprah in 1988 What He Would Do As President