Fake Acid Attack Perpetrator Bethany Storro Facing Criminal Theft Charges

Bethany Storro, the Vancouver, Washington woman who faked an acid attack is now facing criminal theft charges. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Criminal charges are being filed against Bethany Storro, the 28-year-old woman who falsely claimed she was splashed in the face with acid.

And new stunning details are emerging about how Bethany Storro inflicted horrific injuries on herself.

The troubled woman told police she used towels and household gloves to rub caustic drain cleaner on her face.

In an 88-page statement to police, Storro claimed she wanted to kill herself.

"When I realized it wasn't killing me, I thought maybe this was the answer to all my problems – to have a completely different face," she told detectives.

Storro is accused of stealing money from the $28,000 in donations sent to her from around the world.

Police documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION allege she spent $1,500 on restaurant dinners, a trip to Seattle, and clothes.

Her parents are pledging to return all the money sent by well-wishers.