Man Spends $60,000 to Make Incredible 100-Pound Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit

Tom DePetrillo showed INSIDE EDITION how four people help him climb inside the suit.

Crowds of people in New York’s Time Square were blown away by one man’s Hulkbuster costume.

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The costume is based on a suit from Marvel Comics’ Iron Man which featured in The Avengers: Age of Ultron film when it was released earlier this year. 

At New York’s Comic-Con, the 10 foot giant was the center of attention.

Thomas DePetrillo is the five-foot-five-inch man inside and made the 100-pound suit himself.

It takes four people to help him climb into the contraption.

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DePetrillo spent $60,000 to make the suit.

When he's not causing a commotion, he owns a costume company.

Not surprisingly, the costume has taken first prize at conventions around the country. We're guessing he'll be busy this Halloween.

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