Watch The Donald Trump Sketch That Was Mysteriously Deleted From 2004 SNL Episode

The sketch shows Trump in a parody commercial for 'Donald Trump's House of Wings.'

A long-lost Saturday Night Live skit featuring Donald Trump has surfaced. 

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In a sketch from 2004, Trump dances with SNL cast members dressed as chickens in a fake commercial for "Donald Trump's House of Wings."

But the sketch has been deleted from the official SNL DVD - giving rise to all sorts of conspiracy theories.

"Somebody doesn't want you to see this sketch,” writes

In the skit, Trump was dressed in white suit and yellow tie and he was surrounded by 2004 cast members Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Seth Meyers, and Kenan Thompson.

Thompson reminisced about the sketch on Meyer’s show just a few weeks ago:

Trump has been a favorite SNL target for years and managed to joke about his image when he hosted in 2004, saying: “It is great to be here at Saturday Night Live but I will be completely honest, it is even better for Saturday Night Live that I am here."

Now, there's more lost footage from 1989 when the billionaire was sitting in the audience for the show’s 15th anniversary show and Chevy Chase dumped a basket of popcorn on him.

The Republican presidential frontrunner will be hosting the late-night staple in two weeks and it's already stirring controversy.

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The nation's largest Hispanic civil rights organization calls it a "slap in the face" and "appalling."

"To showcase a man whose campaign has been built on bigotry and demagoguery for the sake of buzz and ratings,” said the National Council of La Raza.

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