American Idol's Angela Martin Tells INSIDE EDITION About Her Missing Mom

Angela Martin just made it on American Idol, but her mother has mysteriously vanished. The singer tells INSIDE EDITION that she thinks her mother is alive, and what may have happened to her.

American Idol contestant Angela Martin speaks out about her missing mom, Viola Brown Martin, who disappeared four weeks ago.

"I believe she's still alive. I really, really do," says Martin. "My mother is just everything, she's my heart. My family is very close, we're very close, and just not to hear her mom calls me all day."

But Martin just got her ticket to Hollywood, and her family is encouraging her to carry on with her Idol journey even with the ongoing crisis at home.

"How are you able to focus on your music and on the show with your mom missing?" asks INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney.

"All I do is drown myself in music right now 'cause that's therapy for me, to just try to keep moving forward," explains Martin.

She thinks her mom, who's had a history with drug use, may be using again: "I really feel like she had a nervous breakdown and she may have relapsed."


She's also making a heartfelt plea to America, saying, "If you see her, just call the news, just call whatever, whoever, and just say, 'We know she's alive.' I'm just hoping for a safe return of her."

Watch Angela's interview here.