10 Years After Boy Was Stabbed By His Dad, He Shows His Scars: 'I Survived the Unthinkable'

Anthony Sukto spoke to INSIDE EDITION a decade after surviving the brutal attack.

Ten years after a boy was brutally stabbed by his father, he tells INSIDE EDITION that he forgives his dad for the attack.

Anthony Sukto was just eight years old when he called 911 begging for someone to save him.

He told the 911 operator: “My mom is already dead, and I am the only survivor.”

The boy was stabbed in his stomach and was bleeding during the call.

Ten years later, the scars on his stomach may have faded but the memories of that terrible day are burned in his mind.

He told INSIDE EDITION: "I survived the unthinkable. In total I got stabbed about eight times."

But astonishingly, he said that he forgives his father, who is serving 27 years for murder.

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The crime was almost impossible to believe. Anthony's father who was in a psychotic rage fueled by drugs, first attacked his wife and then turned on his son.

“The last thing I remember was just him swinging back ready to attack me and the next thing I know I was covered in blood,” Anthony said.

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Two years after the nightmare a 10-year-old Anthony appeared on Oprah with his aunt who was raising him.

The TV titan asked the boy: “What made you make the 911 call?”

“The angels lifted me up to the phone,” he said back then.

Anthony is now a student at the University of Denver, and INSIDE EDITION was with him as he celebrated his 19th birthday.

He got a surprise visit from Police Sgt. Mark Eakes.He was one of the Lakewood Washington Police Officers who responded to that little boy's call for help a decade ago.

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