Unsuspecting House Hunters Get Spooked at 'Paranormal Activity' Home in Terrifying Prank

The studio behind the new 'Paranormal Activity' movie is having too much fun promoting their new film that they are giving home buyers a scare.

It’s the time of the year when anyone can be easily spooked.

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Paramount Pictures wanted to have some fun to promote their new film Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension and rigged a home to scare the people inside.

The movie studio then created a mock open house and invited in prospective buyers, who had more to be scared about than the price tag of the home.

From swinging chandeliers to the microwave flickering on and off to paintings falling off the walls and mirrors suddenly cracking, the curious buyers found that inside this home is where the fright is.

The “agent” tried to keep her cool but the folks couldn’t keep theirs and some ran for the door and out of the house.

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If the home looked familiar, it is because it was used in the original Paranormal Activity movie. 

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