Migrants Come Face-to-Face with Polar Bear When they Pile In Truck

Video taken to document Nissan the polar bear's journey caught the moment when a group of men ran up to the box truck and discovered the bear.

Three apparent migrants got the surprise of their lives when they attempted to jump in the back of a truck in France and came face-to-face with a polar bear.

Video taken to document Nissan the polar bear’s journey from Russia to an English wildlife park captured a group of men running up to the back of the box truck, throwing open its doors and jumping into the container, squeezing in alongside the 22-month-old bear’s cage.

“No way, they’re in there with him,” a man can be heard saying on video posted by Britain’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

“His transfer was almost a year in planning with strict welfare regulations in force throughout the trip although no-one could have planned for the moment his truck was briefly entered by a group of  migrants at Calais before the Gendarmes restored order,” the park said in a statement.

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Though one man ran away at the sight of the mighty bear, three were not deterred and piled in to hide behind the cage as the truck sat in traffic. Two other men closed the door.

French police approached and opened the truck, standing watch as the three men came out of their hiding spots and exited from the back as Nissan scratched at his cage and growled.

It was not immediately clear if the men faced repercussions.

“Nissan was unfazed by the incident which occurred in slow moving traffic. Support staff did a quick check on Nissan, who remained comfortable, before the journey continued on schedule,” the park said.

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Nissan was flown from Russia’s Moscow Zoo to Frankfurt, Germany, and was driven for the last leg of his journey.

He arrived safely at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where he became the third polar bear at Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s Project Polar, which the park said is one of the world’s largest polar bear reserves and where

Nissan will participate in the European Breeding Program.

“Nissan is settling in really well and it is great to have him here,” said YWP Animal Manager Simon Marsh. “We are happy now that we have Nissan here in great shape and I’m sure visitors will fall in love with him once he settles in and is ready to be out in the reserves and be seen by visitors.” 

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