Kindle-Reading Bus Driver?

A bus driver was caught on tape reportedly reading a Kindle while driving during rush hour. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

Video that defies belief has surfaced of a bus driver allegedly reading a Kindle while at the wheel in rush-hour traffic.

The video has caused a sensation. Now, INSIDE EDITION is hearing from the passenger who shot it. The passenger, who wants to be known only as Brian, told INSIDE EDITION the video was shot on a rainy morning near Portland, Oregon.

"I was shocked. I think we were all shocked. The conditions were poor. We were concerned for the safety of everybody on the bus and those on the road," said Brian.

At one point, the driver seemed to reach forward and flip the page on the E-book device. He denies he was reading. He says he left the Kindle on the dash after a break.

Brian said, "Absolutely not. I watched him take it out. I saw him place it on the dash, and I saw what I believe to be him turning pages on the Kindle and his eyes looking down at it continually."

Brian says the bus actually swerved as the driver dug out the Kindle. And get this, the driver even steered the bus with his elbow at one point.

The video was enough evidence to get the driver fired. His bosses said he posed an immediate threat to public safety and violated transit policy.