Did Lamar Odom Burn Through His Fortune? NBA Star Sold Off Homes to Raise Cash

The former basketball player has recently been renting a home.

Did Lamar Odom burn through his massive NBA fortune?

The man who once signed a $65 million contract with the Miami Heat now "barely has any money left from his NBA" and is "pretty much broke," according to one bombshell report.

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INSIDE EDITION has learned in order to raise money, Odom has been selling properties after he and Khloe Kardashian split up.

They sold the seven-bedroom mansion that featured in their reality TV show for more than $5 million last year. It was bought by Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco.

Odom recently sold a beautiful house in Manhattan Beach, California.

He has been living in his trainer's far-from-lavish house in Las Vegas -- a stark difference from the homes of his heyday. 

Forbes contributing writer Darren Heitner told INSIDE EDITION Odom has been recently renting a home. 

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It gives "some sort of information about his finances," said Heitner. "Perhaps the fact that he wasn't liquid enough or hadn't enough assets to maybe purchase a house, or came in the unfortunate circumstance where he had to become a renter after owning multi-million dollar properties."

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