Demi and Ashton's Marriage in Trouble?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are facing tabloid reports of Kutcher's alleged infidelity. Is there any truth to the rumors of trouble in the marriage? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Did Ashton Kutcher cheat on Demi Moore? As the rumors grow more intense, Moore and Kutcher are presenting a united front, with Kutcher visiting his wife on the set of her new movie. "Just hanging in my trailer in between shots on "The Reasonable Bunch" with hubby!" Demi tweeted.

Now they find themselves on the cover of the latest People magazine with the headline "Demi's Marriage Under Fire."

The young woman at the center of the storm is Brittney Jones, who says she met Kutcher at a bowling ally and slipped him her number. Star magazine first reported that the actor had a one-night stand with the 21-year-old on the sofa of the Beverly Hills home he shares with Moore when she was out of town.

Jones says they exchanged racy texts such as, "What are u wearing now?"  

Kutcher's lawyer bashed the report: "This is not the first, nor will it be the last time the tabloids engage in reckless conduct." But now the allegations have entered the mainstream media with its appearance on the cover of People.

"After the rumors surfaced, Demi has been going out, acting like she's having a good time and not showing any signs of strain publicly," says People Senior Editor Julie Dam.

But does the couple's marriage have its strains?

"They have wanted to have a child together and obviously that hasn't happened and that is a point of contention in their marriage," Dam says.

And is their 15-year age difference finally taking a toll? People also quotes an industry colleague as saying, "He got married young and, as crass as this sounds, never seemed to have his fill."