Raising Sextuplets Dad Arrested for Alleged Domestic Violence

The dad on the reality show Raising Sextuplets was arrested on charges of domestic violence. INSIDE EDITION

Caller: "I'm worried about your kids, Bryan!"

It was a dramatic 911-call from the home of the couple known as the new "Jon and Kate Gosselin." Jenny and Bryan Masche are the beleaguered parents from Raising Sextuplets on the WE network.

Dad, Bryan Masche, was arrested after a domestic violence incident, and he tells INSIDE EDITION he and his wife have split.

His father-in-law called 911 as Bryan tried to leave home with three of the tykes after an argument with his wife.

"We may need some help. My son-in-law and my daughter are having difficulties," said Masche's father-in-law.

Bryan Masche can be heard threatening his father-in-law, Jenny Masche pleading with her husband to knock it off, and the kids crying.

"I'll (expletive) flatten you old man!" threatens Bryan.

"Bryan, Bryan, Bryan!" Jenny shouts in the background.

"I will flatten you!" repeats Bryan.

"See, this is the attitude. This is the reason why I don't want you in the car with the kids," says Masche's father-in-law.

A police report said Bryan Masche was argumentative and belligerent. He was charged with domestic violence, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Bryan told INSIDE EDITION, "I really hope and pray that there's a reconciliation someday. I love my family very much. We are taking a little bit of time apart."

Like Jon and Kate Gosselin, Bryan and Jenny have had spats on the show
Bryan and Jenny have been called the new Jon and Kate, and like Jon and Kate, they have spats on the show.

Jenny told INSIDE EDITION that having so many children at once has put stress on their marriage.

"It's overwhelming to have six little smiles, twelve little arms and twelve little feet running towards you," said Jenny.

 Last year, the couple admitted that raising six kids was stressful. Jenny even said their fights were brutal.