Sheer Comes the Bride! Women Wear Barely-There Dresses Down the Aisle

Brides are opting to show more skin in a new trend.

Brides are adopting a new trend that leaves little to the imagination on their wedding day: see-through bridal gowns.

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Terry Hall, Fashion Director at Kleinfeld Bridal, told INSIDE EDITION: “Just when I think dresses can't get any sexier or I think a neckline can't plunge any deeper, it certainly does. It's tastefully sexy. Nothing is really exposed."

One of the jaw-dropping dresses by Theia comes with a warning: “This Dress is Not For Every Bride.”

“This really is happening, brides are really asking designers for this and I think it’s going to be here to stay for a few seasons,” Hall said.

The barely there dresses do have the option to be lined if you’re a bride who's looking for a sexy look without showing too much skin.

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“I think the days of a bride wanting to wear her mother's dress is totally out the window and this is case and point,” Hall said.

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