Actor is Shot in the Groin During 'Old West' Gunfight Re-Enactment

A fight re-enactment in Tombstone, Arizona on Sunday finished with real injuries when an actor was shot.

The legendary gunfight at the OK Corral is reenacted three times a day for tourists in the town of Tombstone, Arizona.

Now, a gunfight re-enactment has resulted in real bloodshed. Incredibly, somehow live ammunition was used instead of blanks.

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Tom Carter, a Tombstone performer at the Corral shot another actor, in the groin. The victim, Ken Curtis, is expected to recover. A bystander was also hit by a ricochet.

The show was stopped right away and the weapon was taken from Carter, according to the town marshal. Investigators determined he had shot five of the six rounds in the gun.

It is not yet clear if how this happened and the investigation is ongoing. 

Curtis was flown to University Medical Center in Tucson and had surgery for the bullet to be removed. 

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the Mayor of Tombstone, Dusty Escapule how this could have happened. 

"Well, that is the $64,000 question being asked around," he said. 

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Tombstone is dependent on tourist dollars but now all outdoor gunfight re-enactments have been suspended until new safety regulations come into force.

The mayor said: "What in the world happened? Why would somebody have a fire arm with live ammunition in it?"

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