Former Escort: I Was Paid $10,000 to Get Strippers For Louisville Basketball Team, Recruits

Katrina Powell says she was paid to 22 organize parties for players and high school recruits.

The famed University of Louisville basketball team, winner of the 2013 NCAA championship, is caught up in an explosive sex scandal.

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Katina Powell, 43, a former escort, is breaking her silence and giving all the details to INSIDE EDITION. 

"I was paid to bring girls, dancers to entertain, recruit some players and to have sex with the recruits, players and parents," she said. 

Powell says she was paid $10,000 to organize 22 parties with players and high school recruits.

She told INSIDE EDITION that 90 percent of the time it was more than just stripping. 

She said the partying and the sex sometimes even involved the fathers of Louisville recruits.

"They came as a package," she said, recounting: "You have to get this recruit to sign and also convince the parent, as well as get their child to come to Louisville."

Powell has written a tell-all book, Breaking Cardinal Rules, co-authored with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dick Cady.

Five former Louisville players have come forward anonymously to back up her story, with one telling ESPN: "I knew they weren't college girls. It was crazy. It was like I was in a strip club."

Powell told INSIDE EDITION: "I am happy that they came forward. I can't say it shows I am not lying, because people have doubts even if they have all the proof. They still say that I am lying." 

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino, who was honored with his team by President Obama at the White House in 2013, denies any knowledge of the allegations made by Powell.

Last week, Pitino spoke about the scandal at an event to kick off the new basketball season.

He said: "If there was any wrongdoing, it is a big if, and people have to pay for their crimes, and that is an if. If it happens, then we will own up to it." 

But Powell says she remembers a conversation she had with former Assistant Coach Andre McGee about Pitino.

"I said: 'Andre, does Pitino know about this?' and he smiled and said: 'He's Rick, he knows about everything,'" she said.

Powell first went public in an interview airing Tuesday on ESPN’s Outside The Lines. Two of her daughters also appear on the program and Powell makes the stunning admission that they participated in the parties too.

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“They wanted to do it. They begged me to do it for years and years,” she told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian.

He asked: “You didn't see any problem with your daughters having sex with these guys?”

“No,” she replied.

And she's just as blunt about now being at the center of the sex scandal rocking college basketball.

She said: “None of this is made up. I couldn't have made it up if I’d wanted to.”

NCAA is investigating the allegations. Pinto and the school are cooperating. 

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