Katherine Webb Angry After NFL Showed Husband's Teammates Naked in Locker Room

The wife of A.J. McCarron vented on Twitter after the video of the Cincinnati Bengals' locker room.

During a post-game interview in the Cincinnati Bengals' locker room, the cameras caught slightly more than the crew had planned.

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Some of the players were butt naked in the background - and not everyone was pleased.

Former Miss Alabama and Miss USA Katherine Webb-McCarron, who is married to backup quarterback A.J. McCarron, was watching at home when she saw her husband's teammates with bare bottoms on the NFL Network.

She wasn't thrilled and vented on Twitter:

I would rather my husbands ass/penis not be all over TV. Would you like to be filmed while naked? https://t.co/0cWsGDE5zj

October 19, 2015

No missing the point. Players should have their privacy. I'm sure female reports would rather not be in there https://t.co/1FjAXHQxPH

October 19, 2015

How is this ok? What about female reporters required to get an interview? https://t.co/n3RSexRILR

October 19, 2015

She charmed the nation back in 2013 when she was shown in the stands cheering him on when he was playing for the University of Alabama. She went on to cover Super Bowl XLVII for INSIDE EDITION. She and A.J. tied the knot last July.

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The locker room nudity appeared for about 45 seconds before they cut back to the announcers.

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