Heartwarming Photo Shows Cop Comforting Distraught Boy Who'd Lost His Parents

David Taylor of the Crowley, Louisiana police department found a lost boy at a festival over the weekend and comforted him until his parents could be found

A photo of a Louisiana police officer is warming hearts coast-to-coast and casting cops everywhere in a softer light.

Officer David Taylor of the Crowley, Louisiana Police Department was at the town's International Rice Festival over the weekend when he found a distraught boy who'd lost his parents.

Taylor stayed with the boy until his guardian could be found. But before that could happen, a touched attendee snapped a photo just as the boy had fallen asleep on Taylor's shoulder.

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'Men in blue....Good cops Lil lost boy at Festival been holding him over 30 min,' gushed Deanna Kebodeaux Latiolais in a Facebook post on Saturday. 

Kebodeaux's post has since been shared hundreds of times by her friends and loved ones.

The photo of Taylor and the boy has also become a viral sensation as supporters of the boys in blue share the photo as proof that cops truly are there to help.

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For his part, Taylor doesn't think the photo is anything special.

"At the end of the day, I only did what all my colleagues were doing," he told KATC. "It's just that this one was caught on camera."

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