Bridesmaid-For-Hire Goes to 2 Weddings in 2 States in 24 Hours

A woman is taking the clich

A woman is taking the cliché "always the bridesmaid, never a bride" to the next level - by becoming a bridesmaid for hire.

Jen Glantz is a professional bridesmaid who gets paid to help plan the wedding, pose for photos and chat with guests. 

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The idea came to her when, at 26, she had already been a bridesmaid in six weddings.

"I was asked to be a bridesmaid twice in 24 hours by my own good friends, and through that I was named the Professional Bridesmaid," she told the Jewish Daily Forward.

After she posted an advert to Craigslist on a whim, she was inundated with requests.

And business is still booming: she recently took part in two weddings on the same weekend - one in Michigan and the other 600 miles away in New Jersey.

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To get to the church on time, Jen had to fly out in the middle of the night and - thanks to a plane delay - had to get ready in an airport bathroom. Luckily she made it on time.

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