Watch This Fluffy Baby Owl Groove to 'Monster Mash' with His Best Friend

Oakley, a rescued baby owl, bops along and chirps out as an animatronic owl plays the Monster Mash.

This baby owl is having a hoot with his best friend.

In an adorable video shared to YouTube, Oakley, a rescued baby owl, bops along and chirps out as an animatronic owl plays the 'Monster Mash.'

"This is his little partner in crime," his rescuer, Ken Lockwood from Eagle Valley Raptor Center, says in the video as he encourages the fluffy bird to bop.

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Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Ken said that Oakley looked to the toy owl for comfort.

"I rescue injured owls and babies," he explained. "If they don't have siblings, then I put them with owl stuffed animals and they snuggle with it. This particular one that I have, you squeeze the pumpkin and it sings the 'Monster Mash.'"

The Eagle Valley Raptor Center in Kansas took in Oakley when he was only five or six weeks old, but owl chicks typically stay in the nest for around nine weeks, Ken said.

During stormy weather, his phone "starts ringing off the hook" with calls about baby birds in need, he said. He tries to return them to their nests or barns if he can.

"It's always better if you can get the mother to take care of them," he said.

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But if birds are in need of care, he'll look after them for about three months until they are ready to head back out into the wild. During that time, he'll use a hand puppet to feed them or hide behind a sheet so they don't see him.

"After they are able to fly, you have to condition them and teach them how to hunt," he said. "When they know how to do that I'll let them go."

The video of Oakley was filmed in May 2012 but has just started gaining attention on YouTube. Ken said that the owl was released back into the wild not long after the video was recorded.

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