Pair Accused Of Trying to Sell Stolen Dog to its Actual Owners for $2,500

Two people are accused of selling as stolen dog back to the pooch's rightful owners.

Two people allegedly tried to sell a stolen dog to the pooch’s rightful owners in San Bernadino, California, cops say.

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Cops say the English bulldog, was stolen during an armed robbery in the city over the weekend.

The suspects, Jamill Slaughter, 21, and Caral Martinez, 19, listed the stolen dog for sale on Craigslist, the Associated Press reported. When friends of the bulldog’s actual owners spotted the ad, they contacted them and they then alerted the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department.

With the help of investigators and authorities, the owners posed as prospective buyers and arranged to meet the sellers, who listed the dog for $2,500.

Detectives conducted surveillance around the parking lot where both parties were meeting and when the dog got out of the car, the owners identified the animal as theirs and authorities arrested the sellers.

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Both Slaughter and Martinez were booked for possession of stolen property. It is not known if they actually stole the dog.

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